Damn you, coronavirus.

It’s bad enough that we have to keep our distance from one another and wear a mask everywhere we go, but now I’m not gonna be able to ogle admire the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders during games. Enough is enough.

According to NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero, the NFL has changed the NFL and NFL Players Association protocols and will not allow cheerleaders or mascots on the field.

I’ll be perfectly honest with you – I’m not going to miss Rowdy. I always found him to be a little on the creepy side.

But, a Cowboy game without America’s Sweethearts on the sidelines just ain’t right. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have graced the sidelines ever since they made their debut at Texas Stadium back in 1972. So yeah, they’ve been there my entire life.

In addition to cheerleaders and mascots not being allowed on the sidelines, sideline sports and news reporters as well as pregame reporters won’t be allowed on the field during games.

On the bright side, the NFL is leaving it up to teams to decide whether or not to allow fans at games. While he hasn’t clarified what capacity will be allowed, Jerry Jones has said that he intends to have fans in the stands this season.

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