Turns out the Nine Inch Nails 20th anniversary farewell tour in 2009 may not have been what it claimed to be. While NIN head honcho Trent Reznor has been keeping his hands full raising a child and recording with his new How to Destroy Angels project, featuring his wife Mariqueen Maandig -- not to mention scoring such films as 'The Social Network,' which earned him an Oscar -- he's rekindling his love affair with NIN.

As Reznor told Rolling Stone, NIN are working on new material. "All signs point to yes," he said when asked about the possibility of future music. He was further pressed and confessed, "Yeah, there will be new music. There are some things in the works."

That admission doesn't point solely to recorded fare, either. Reznor didn't rule out live performances, saying, "Yeah, if it feels right, it's a possibility. I never said that that wasn't going to happen, just that it couldn't go on as it was. Having a few years doing other things, I've enjoyed [them] and I'm enjoying doing How to Destroy Angels, and there will be a place for stuff that falls in the Nine Inch Nails column of things. It's a different kind of work. Stay tuned. We'll see what happens here."

In the meantime, HtDA's 'An Omen' EP is out on Nov 13.

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