Thirty years before reaction videos would become mainstream, Nirvana put their egos on the chopping block for the sake of television. Of course, it wasn't just "television" back then... It was MTV, and they were the key to success nationwide. Of course, writing a classic album full of heavy hits never hurt either.

This was in 1990. Nirvana had been around for a while in the Washington grunge scene, but nobody had ever given them a second look until the whole scene exploded into the mainstream. It was a good moment that managed to knock off hair metal, or at least subdue hair metal into soft rocking ballad bands. It wasn't soon that everyone ditched spandex for baggy jeans, let their hair go stringy, and put on the flannel.

The weirdest thing about this video is watching people talk about some band they've never heard of with some neat tracks that might be hits one day. And they just sat there calmly. Hearing these words, not knowing they were going to define an era.

From an album standpoint, Nirvana was short lived. Everything that surrounds the bands legacy and legend was created in just three albums. They were also some of the first to adopt not letting a record label produce their music, taking back control of their own sound. Looking at the polar shift in youth culture it turned out to be, it really was a wild time.

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