The U.S. and Canadian military will entertain millions of kids again this Christmas Eve with second-by-second updates on Santa's global whereabouts. But there's something new this year: Public criticism. 

A children's advocacy group says an animated video on the NORAD Tracks Santa website injects war like images into Christmas by showing fighter jets escorting Santa's sleigh. It's a rare swipe at the popular program, which last year attracted a record 22.3 million unique visitors from around the world to its website.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command defends the video as non-threatening and safe for kids. The fuss erupted two weeks ago over a 39-second video on called "NORAD Tracks Santa Trailer Video 2013." A 5-second segment of the video - which is also available on - shows two fighter jets flanking Santa.

The Boston Based campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood said the video brings violence and warlike situation to a beloved tradition. Others had similar criticism. Blogs and Twitter lit up with volleys from both sides.

This site is only active once a year and has brought smiles to countless amounts of children. Do you think they are promoting violence?