Ahhhh, now this brings back some memories.

Back in the day before Playstation and Xbox, we all had one console we wanted. The Nintendo Entertainment System, sure the Sega Master System existed and so did the Atari 7800. Nobody wanted those, we all wanted the NES. I still have mine and will never get rid of it.

Glad to see that someone in Dallas also has a love for their Nintendo because they transformed their whole house into a Nintendo console with a TV as well. A nice touch is giant letter to Santa asking for the Nintendo for Amy back in 1989. If you got a Nintendo in Christmas of 89, you had a good day.


Arguably the greatest NES game ever made is Super Mario Bros 3. I personally love Kirby, but we all can agree Super Mario 3 is a top ten game. The TV is displaying the first level of the game and it appears to be painted on there. Whoever painted this absolutely nailed the colors and design.

If you happen to be going to Dallas for Christmas, this house is off Belmont Avenue. “We hope that people that come by with their kids in the car can tell them and it trigger childhood memory conversations and ‘I remember when I played Super Mario,’” owner Katie Milam said. “And if somebody who is having a bad day. You want them to drive by and hopefully smile. Bring a little bit of joy to people’s lives.”

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