Sweden's national football team (soccer for those of us in North America) has a rockin' new anthem courtesy of several of the country's prime heavy metal musicians. The song is called "Nu Jävlar!" — the term's a kind of Swedish profanity — and it features members of Soilwork, King Diamond, Candlemass, Europe, Liv Sin, At the Movies and more.

Commissioned by Sweden Rock Magazine ahead of this summer's UEFA European Football Championship, for which Sweden has qualified along with several other national teams, the tune was recorded last month and produced by participants Björn Strid (Soilwork, The Night Flight Orchestra), Mike Wead (King Diamond) and Simon Johansson (Wolf). There's also an accompanying music video highlighting the performers.

Listen to "Nu Jävlar!" near the bottom of this post.

The song’s sung in Swedish, and its original lyrics are available here. Roughly translated, its first verse says, "We have charged, we have longed for / To show the way, here we go / No one will be able to suffocate the fire / Which is now burning all the way to the finish."

How's that for a soccer song? And for the cross-section of sports fans and metal devotees in Sweden and beyond, the custom No. 666 team jerseys seen in the vid are currently available with a subscription to Sweden Rock. The deal includes a CD copy of "Nu Jävlar!"

"This summer, Sweden Rock Magazine turns 20 years old," the periodical states on its website (translated from Swedish). "It’s also time for the European Football Championship for men. We celebrate this by presenting the unofficial European Championship song 'Nu Jävlar!' Sign up … and get a football shirt and CD single for free!"

Depending on who you ask, "Nu jävlar" can be interpreted as an exclamation akin to "Finally!" or "Devils!" or perhaps more inappropriate English words. According to Metal Injection, Strid says the phrase in the context of the song means, "Here we go, goddamnit!"

"Nu Jävlar!" Performers:

  • Björn Strid (Soilwork, Night Flight Orchestra)
  • Jörgen ”Schweden-Bomber” Pettersson
  • Ian Haugland (Europe)
  • Liv Jagrell (Liv Sin)
  • Jörgen Sandström (Domedagen, ex-Entombed)
  • Mike Wead (King Diamond)
  • Lars Johansson (Candlemass)
  • Simon Johansson (Wolf)
  • Niklas Stålvind (Wolf)
  • Chris Laney (Pretty Maids)
  • Martin Carlsson (Sweden Rock Magazine)

"Nu Jävlar!" Sweden National Football Team Metal Anthem

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