Of Mice & Men's Austin Carlile exited the band at the end of 2016 when his battle with Marfan Syndrome became one in which he physically felt he had to step away from the group. As fans who have followed Carlile since his exit have known, the singer's physical struggles continue, but he is fighting the good fight. In a new posting, Carlile reveals that he is set to enter an even more intensive physical therapy program in which he hopes to restore the strength and mobility to his legs and back.

In the post, Carlile reveals that doctors have also discovered more cysts on his spine, but he luckily will not have to face surgery again. "We discovered two cysts growing on my spine, but they are NOT cancerous, NOT causing the problems and my team with NOT have to operate to remove them, which is a blessing to find out," says the vocalist. "Between my dural ectasia in low back and Marfan Syndrome, the cysts are 'normal' and not causing damage to the spine or surrounding areas."

He continued, "I learned that what has been ailing my legs have been extremely painful and debilitating seizures and was placed on an anti-seizure medication 12 days ago. As of now, I have been completely seizure free since, yet another blessing."

Carlile says that his doctors have started to hone in on some of his major issues. He explained, "The problems found are due to my nerves, muscles, connective tissues and anatomy, so this has become yet another obstacle I will have to live with and constantly battle. Not out of the woods yet, but extremely happy the results are not what was originally feared. Next step, baby steps, but I feel blessed to be able to move ahead, as slow as that may be."

See the singer's full post on the matter below:

Since being diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome, Carlile has spoken openly about his condition. He also recently addressed a group of physicians about the importance of having a cooperative care team and what it means to the patients. Even while dealing with his physical issues, the singer recently revealed he's been working on new music.

We at Loudwire send out our best to Austin Carlile as he continues to deal with the physical rigors of Marfan Syndrome and continues to shine a spotlight on the condition.

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