There's no such thing as a free puppy. That's a sentiment I think we can all relate to these days. While the puppy is free, the food, bed, collar, tags, shots, toys, etc... might end up costing you an arm and a leg. Same can be said about OKC Thunder tickets, but time and time again, they sell out the arena they play in night after night.

A few years ago Critter received a gift of Thunder tickets and decided to make it a night on the town with his wife. They had a good meal in Bricktown before heading to the game. I can't remember if the Thunder won, it's been far too long ago, but I remember the story he told about pricing there at the arena.

Had they waited to eat at the game, it would have cost more than the steak they had beforehand. Water was a few bucks and popcorn is notoriously pricey outside of your own kitchen, but the Thunder have a claim to fame in 2025 that concerns the concessions.

First let me tell you this. A website called Betway recently performed a Future Fan Cost Index for each team. Since things only get progressively more expensive, I'm sure you're familiar with the last two years of inflation, Betway set out to predict who would be the priciest teams in sports. Since we have an Oklahoma NBA team, we're talking about the Thunder.

According to the study, starting in the 2024-2025 season, the OKC Thunder will have the 3rd lowest price for beer in the entire NBA league, which I suppose might deserve a little merit. At $4.88 a pint, it's still beyond what you can buy and enjoy at home... but you pay $3 for a soft drink at every sit-down restaurant in America, entertainment pricing is entertainment pricing.

Only Cleaveland and Indiana's Pacers are projected to beat that price, and even though it sounds high, consider what the 10th cheapest fanbase in Toronto will be paying... $7.77 per pint, if the index stays true to the current rate of finance.

If you've never been to an OKC Thunder game, you should find a way to make it happen. Even if you're not a "fan" of basketball or sports in general, it's a good time to share with a sold-out crowd.

Check ticket prices here. But there's a limited-time thing going on at the First Americans Museum in OKC... If you visit the FAM in November, you'll receive two free tickets to an OKC Thunder game. Make it happen.

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