Well, it's hard to believe but Christmas has come and gone. This year has flown by, at least for me it has. Now that Christmas is over when do you start taking down all your lights and decorations? It's a question that's plagued mankind for centuries, just how long do you leave it all up before packing it all away?


At my house we usually start taking everything down right after Christmas, or the week right after Christmas. Sometimes depending on what's going on, we'll leave it up until New Years'. But that's the absolute latest we'll keep it up before we start boxing it all up and storing it away until next year.

So when do you take your decorations down? Take the quick poll below


It's a sad day when you start to take all the decorations down, especially when you think of all the hard work and time it took to drag it all out and put it all together. That along with trying to re-package everything and put everything back in its original box. Or is that just me?  Surely not, it can be a real pain to do though.


I have friends and even family that keep their tree and all their decorations up until after January, some even later than that. Some people I know keep their Christmas lights on their house all year long. That way when late November hits they just flip the switch and they're good to go. They're permanently attached to the house. I guess that makes sense, but it looks kind of weird in the middle of Summer.

When do most Oklahomans take down all their Christmas lights & decorations?

House Decorated with Christmas Lights
Nicole S. Young

I'm betting that our tree and decorations will be packed away by the end of the week. How about you? When do you normally take down all your Christmas decorations? Take the quick poll below and let us know.

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