One thing all Oklahomans agree on is that the roads are terrible. No matter if you're driving through a big city or small town, the roads have you feeling like you're on a rollercoaster. Even the highways are bumpy and full of road hazards, like uneven lanes, potholes and debris leftover from multiple construction sites.

Recently, a trash truck in Lawton, Oklahoma, might have hit a pothole that turned into an even bigger crevasse, taking part of the truck beneath the Earth. So it got me wondering, is this the biggest pothole in Oklahoma?

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If you live in Lawton, Oklahoma, one of the top concerns of citizens is the quality of the roads. Citizens are constantly on social media complaining about the local government not spending enough tax-payer dollars on rehabilitating the roads. Recently, the City of Lawton held a special election to increase tax-payer dollars specifically for road projects.

Although this is a big concern for citizens, voter turnout did not nearly reflect the number of daily complaints about Lawton's roads. Only 2,391 voters took to the polls Tuesday, Sept. 12. And the proposition barely passed with 1,216 votes for the tax increase and 1,175 that voted no. Either way, the vote passed.

So what about the giant pothole?

To add to the irony, on the day of voting, one of the city's trash trucks either hit a pothole that caused a sinkhole and took the trash truck with it, or a sinkhole was already formed under the road and the trash truck happened to drive over it at the perfect time, or both! Either way, it created a large hole that could be considered Oklahoma's largest pothole as we're not even sure the hole has been filled yet.

But the incident gave the City of Lawton an unusual opportunity to plug in an encourage to vote.

What do you think? Is this the biggest pothole in Oklahoma?

We're sure you have giant potholes in your Oklahoma town. So we want to know what you think. AND we want to see the worst potholes in your city. Message us on our app! Tell us what you think about the incident and share your local gigantic pothole - we may feature it in a future story.

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