We've all called in late for one reason or another. Slept through our alarm. Flat tire. Not feeling well. Your dog peed on your white couch. That might be just me. But one Oklahoman in Tulsa, Oklahoma, called their manager this week to say they'd be late because their car was on fire.

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I don't know about you, but calling in late because your car was on fire is something I haven't done yet. Earlier this week, a manager in Tulsa posted on TikTok that some days they have an employee that calls in because they have a headache and some days she has one that calls in because their car is on fire.

We're not sure what caused the employee's car to catch fire. I wouldn't be surprised if it was because of the Oklahoma heat! But I highly doubt that. It looks like the employee was already on their way to work and their vehicle caught fire while on the highway. So at least they were already making their commute!

According to the caption on the TikTok, the employee still made it to work! That's a dedicated employee right there. I don't know if I'd make it to work if my car caught fire. Now I'm wondering if the employee with the headache even made it in.

Watch the video below!

@forest.witch.tori Shes safe and somehow made it into work. I could never! The trauma. #tulsa #oklahoma #fire #car #firedepartment #police #lifeisahighway ♬ Oh No (Instrumental) - Kreepa

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