For decades, the go-to outdoor concert spot in Oklahoma has been the OKC Zoo Amphitheater--AKA-- The Zoo Amp. A place where you and 7000 of your closest friends could come together to share a live music experience, but a new challenger has entered the OKC Metro for those show bookings.

A Colorado-based company called Notes Live is currently expanding rapidly with a goal to bring "world-class" music venues to select parts of the country. In addition to Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia, they're planning to build two new amphitheaters in Oklahoma.

The first of two venues planned in the Sooner State will be in the Oklahoma City metro.

OKC's newly proposed Sunset Amphitheater will be built on the West side of OKC where the Kilpatrick Turnpike crosses I-40 between Mustang and Yukon.


While the plan is to accommodate up to 12,000 music fans, Notes Live is also selling ownership boxes to any investor that meets the criteria and has an extra half-million laying around.

The premium boxed seats are being offered as "fireplace seating," and ownership of one of these saves your seats to each and every concert or event the venue hosts.

What will this mean for the Zoo Amp?

Will Sun Amp render the Zoo Amp useless? Probably not. There will be some healthy competition there for sure, but the much smaller Zoo Amp will still be an attractive venue for the smaller shows they currently host throughout the year.

If anything, this will probably work to bring better medium-sized shows to the OKC metro.

When does it open?

Notes Live has the groundbreaking tentatively scheduled for 2024 with a lofty goal to book its first acts heading into Summer 2025.

Tulsa is also slated to receive a new Notes Live amphitheater, but the announcement was very recent with no expected timetable just yet.

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