Have you ever worked at a place where the boss decided to award themselves the Employee Of The Month prize? Whether it be a picture on the wall, a name engraved on a plaque, or even a little monetary bonus to go along with it... it isn't common and it's absolutely sort of strange. That's sort of what Oklahoma has done with Oklahoma. They've awarded the top prize for "Most Photographed Lighthouse" in the state to the only lighthouse in the state, the one that sits along the banks of Lake Hefner in Northwest Oklahoma City.

All the same, it's not the weirdest bunch of shenanigans in the world. The Oklahoma Department of Tourism is just trying to drum up a little business, hoping to gain some visitors to a rather unique destination on our map. Oklahoma also decided it was the most "pristine paradise" lake in the state, which is way off the mark because, well, like most muddy bottom flooded lakes, most of the time it looks like chocolate milk.

I will add, if you've never been to Lake Hefner, it is a neat place.There's a couple of marinas where you can see some very out-of-place sailing vessels. On any given afternoon, you can sit and watch a bunch of extreme kitesurfing fanatics do their thing. Even when it's below freezing, they'll still show up when the wind blows. The restaurants on the shores of the lake are pretty awesome too. When I lived in OKC, Mama Roja Mexican Restaurant was my go-to date spot. Truly good Tex-Mex. Louie's Grill & Bar - AKA - Louie's On The Lake was the bro spot where you could get some tasty wings and have a pint of the good stuff. There are some other restaurants down there that people swear by, but if you have a good wing place and a good Tex-Mex place, what more do you need?

If you end up in OKC for the afternoon or weekend, you might swing by there for a meal and to catch a pic of Oklahoma's "best" and only lighthouse. Between the surviving malls and the outlets, that order of wings and a beer might be the only bright spot in your trip.

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