The state of Oklahoma is facing a critical blood shortage and needs your help. Right now there's only a one day total supply of blood products. Typically there's a three to five day supply on hand, but it's been depleted and donors are needed to relish the supply. The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the primary causes of the shortage. Now that things are improving and people are starting to get back to their lives there's a real need for blood and blood products. Hospitals have returned to doing surgeries and elective procedures, this along with the standard never ending need for blood has health experts worried.

The OBI (Oklahoma Blood Institute) is in desperate need of donors. The supply faces constant use and requires replenishing regularly. Blood and blood products have a shelf life and are perishable. Meaning if blood donors don't donate, the supply runs out. It's uses in various medical applications are invaluable. From life saving transfusions in emergency situations, surgeries of all types, cancer treatments and more. By donating you're literally helping to save a life, possibly a friend, family member or neighbor.

If you're able to donate, please do. You can stop by the OBI located at 211 S.W. A Avenue in downtown Lawton, OK. You can drop in, or make an appointment call: (580)-350-6100 or visit the official website at for hours and details. Lets all do our part to help re-stock the blood supply in S.W. Oklahoma. You'll be helping to save lives and as an added bonus the OBI always has some really cool FREE STUFF and COOKIES for donors! When you stop in be sure to say "Hi" to Claudia at the front desk for us!

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