If you've missed out on the crazy hubbub that has been circling the courts lately, it's all about Oklahoma wanting to resume executions of inmates sentenced to death. The state famously botched two executions back in 2014-15 in using the wrong lethal drugs, and originally halted the practice until they could nail down a solid method of operation to carry out what they feel is justice.

Earlier this year, the state announced that they had finally organized a traceable way to obtain, store, and utilize the correct and necessary drugs to humanely end the lives of those sentenced to death.

The hubbub started when one of the lawyer of a death row inmate made a Freedom of Information request about the source and procedure of the drugs scheduled to kill his client, and Oklahoma responded that there were no records available to be shared. Not that they couldn't be shared, but rather the paperwork was non-existent.

Red Flag.

Long story short, a hearing for an injunction took place on Monday and a federal judge ruled that his Thursday execution could take place regardless of their challenge to Oklahoma's execution protocol.

Public defender Dale Baich said:

Because these six plaintiffs did not affirmatively choose an alternative method of execution, they were dismissed out and the judge said they could not win

If you're curious, if you're sentenced to death in Oklahoma, you may choose to be terminated by lethal injection, electrocution, firing squad, or nitrogen hypoxia.

If you're even more curious what nitrogen hypoxia is, it's a kinder, gentler way of saying "inert gas asphyxiation." It's where a person is so quickly deprived of oxygen, they very quickly fall into unconsciousness and the body dies soon after.

Because the six inmates currently sitting on death row failed to choose an alternative method, the federal court judge ruled Oklahoma can carry on with their new protocol regardless of questions.

Of course, Monday's ruling was immediately appealed and everyone is counting on the 10th Circut Court to pick up an emergency hearing before Thursday's scheduled execution, but time may not be on these inmates' side.

The moral of the story is if you are found guilty and sentenced to death in Oklahoma, opt for the firing squad. You'll be a legend.

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