Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt is believed to be the first U.S. governor to test positive for COVID-19. It's another first for Oklahoma, just wish it was for something other than this. We all wish the governor well and so far his symptoms seem to be very mild. He announced his condition earlier this morning via a Zoom video chat/meeting with reporters. Other than some body aches he says he feels fine.

In the video he states that the Coronavirus is still in the United States and in Oklahoma. He stressed that we need to take this virus very seriously, come together and make sure each one of us is doing the best we can to slow the spread. He also spoke about the "new normal" here in Oklahoma and that COVID-19 isn't going away, at least anytime real soon. He also talked about the need to adjust our behavior and be very aware of our surroundings, wash our hands and continue to get tested. He went on to recognize and thank all our state health officials, the department of health and all the hospitals, doctors and nurses for everything they're doing and for ramping up testing.

In the meantime the Governor is self-isolating and will remain quarantined until it's safe to return to work. He encourages all Oklahoman's to get tested and to follow up frequently, especially if you're showing any symptoms. From the looks of things with the recent increase in positive cases we're going to have a second wave. How bad will it get? That will largely depend on how strictly people follow all the CDC and state guidelines/protocols like social distancing, masks, hand washing and sanitation.

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