As the latest winter storm moves through Oklahoma, one question will be on everyone's mind, "What are the road conditions?"

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Luckily, this round of winter weather hasn't caused colossal road hazards locally. The current ground temperature is too warm for the roads to freeze over, so as the snow hits the asphalt, it melts straight away. But just because the roads aren't frozen doesn't mean they're not hazardous!

Moisture on the road can still cause accidents, so the Oklahoma Department of Transportation has been telling drivers to take precaution when on local roads and the highways. It's also important to make sure your vehicle is prepped just in case an accident leaves you on the side of the road in the cold!

But this snow fall does leave excess moisture on the roads, so we may see some slick roads into the evening as temperatures drop. And it looks like tonight we could get to below freezing temperatures.

National Weather Service Norman
National Weather Service Norman

Here's How to Check Oklahoma Road Conditions

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation has two options to check road conditions across the state. You can check out the website or download the Drive Oklahoma mobile app. You'll be able to get a live look at road conditions with pictures. You can also get details on warnings and road closures in the area and whether or not if drivers should take precautions. screenshot screenshot

So before you get out on the roads today after work or tomorrow morning, be sure to check the road conditions! Stay safe and warm, y'all!

Basic Driving Tips For Snow & Ice

While you would assume that these are common knowledge, you'd be surprised how many people haven't lived in a place where they would learn these skills.

The Frozen Wichita Mountains

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