You know, the sports world doesn't have very high opinions of the Oklahoma Sooners fanbase already...

Always wanting to replace a winning coach after a loss, their habit of being super hostile toward visiting fans in different colored shirts, and the expectation that it's fine to boo their own team in the kind of moments the Sooners could use some encouragement...


Sooner fans have been described as shameful, but if this review-bombing thing is true, it sets a new incredible low, even by Boomer standards.

The Setup

The entire world of college football has gone through the wringer this year with the NCAA Name, Image, and Likeness rule. Under the rule, college players have the opportunity to benefit from--AKA--able to make money off their name, image, and likeness while still in school.

It was seen more as a way to elude the constant "school caught paying player" scandals in the public eye, but the 2023-2024 season proved it's a monster problem beyond pay-for-play.

For lack of a better analogy, the NIL rule quickly became the largest free-agency program in history. Players enter the portal for one reason or another and are seeking recruitment from schools that have the most to offer, whether it's more playing time, a better coaching staff, or (unanimously agreed in sports media) the most money.

The NCAA won't admit money has anything to do with it, but the kind of cash deals that have been made famous this year point to "money" being the main factor in the NIL/Transfer Portal shenanigans.

Example: Arch Manning, nephew of Peyton and Eli Manning, had a value of $3.8million before ever taking a snap at the University of Texas. Lebron James son Bronny also made headlines with the highest NIL valuation of last year of $12.6million.


The Portal

The portal problem ran rampant through the 2023-2024 college football bowl season. Only the top-contender teams went into their games with their regular season players. Most other colleges participated with their second and third-string lineups.

Why? Because starters who entered the transfer portal overwhelmingly chose not to play so as not to risk their future NIL earnings at a new program.

The OU fanbase story...

There is an allegation that the OU fanbase took it upon themselves to harass and punish a Sooner player who chose to transfer to a different school.

4-star recruit Cayden Green signed and played 11 games with OU this past season. For whatever reason, he opted to enter the transfer portal in December, actively seeking recruitment and a transfer back to his home state of Missouri.

Almost immediately, Cayden's father started receiving a hoard of negative reviews online at the family's insurance agency, and they felt very confident that it was the OU fanbase's retaliation.

There's really no consequential proof that it was the OU fanbase doing this, but if you went through the hassle of deep-diving social media, you would find Sooner fans by the names on the reviews.

Adding depth to the situation, the sports world almost unanimously agreed this seemed like something Boomer Sooners would do based on their famously poor sports demeanor.

The Outcome

While the review-bombing happened like an Oklahoma snowstorm, here today-gone tomorrow, the family business did recover its rating online with help from fans in Missouri... almost all of which are now gone after Google reviewed the occurrence, but the history of what (probably) transpired lives on.

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