The last decade's most dominant team in Division 1 college softball will play for a seventh national championship this century tomorrow in OKC. Being so heavily favored to three-peat, I can't imagine the pressure the Oklahoma Sooners team is feeling right now.

Currently sitting on a 49-1 regular season record, the one loss to Baylor back in February, the hopes for a perfect season were dashed early. That being said, since February 24th our Sooners have been perfect, currently undefeated in the postseason run-up through the Women's College World Series finals that begin tomorrow.

While they're heavily favored to win a best out of three scheduled games, nothing is set in stone. As evident from earlier this year, even the best teams lose a game once in a while.

2022 NCAA Division I Women's Softball Championship
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Heading into the championship series, head coach Patty Gasso is poised to become a seven-time national champion coach--all with her OU Sooners. That would tie Nick Saban at #8 on the list of most successful National Championship-winning NCAA coaches.

The top-7 coaches across all sports are all wading in double-digits.

The first game in the championship round is scheduled for Wednesday, June 7th at 7 PM. You can catch it on ESPN/ESPN+/ESPN App if you like, or join in the fun at USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium in OKC--just keep in mind tickets will be in low supply and likely crazy-high.

Game two will follow on Thursday at 6:30 PM, and if a third game is needed, Friday at 7.

2022 NCAA Division I Women's Softball Championship
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