When it comes to stupid laws across the country, there is no shortage of confusion.

Granted, a lot of the weird laws are oddly specific and on the books from a time long passed, but they're still laws and if any Johnny Lawdog wanted to ruin your day, he just might be able to with these weird laws most people break on a regular basis.

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    No Dog Parties

    In this state, in order to have a gathering of three or more dogs on private property, you must have a permit signed by that city's mayor.

    This is probably because dog fighting was really popular in this state, and in order to uphold the anti-dog fighting laws on the books, this limited the "We're just hanging out officer" excuses allowed.

    All the same, maybe it's just another way to make revenue. We all know too well just how much the City of Lawton charges for every pet in the city.

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    No Boots In Bed

    We've all had long days and rough nights. How many times have you gone home, laid down on the bed just to rest for a minute or two and ended up falling asleep? Turns out, if you leave your shoes on, you're breaking the law.

    It's another crazy specific law from a long time ago that was probably aimed at some other piece of legislation. Or, cowboys might have been self conscious about their smelly feet. Odds are, it was a law born out of some whore-house dispute.

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    Keep The Tissues Up Front

    In Oklahoma, it's unlawful to have tissues in the back seat of a motor vehicle. We could probably all wildly speculate why we have laws like this on the books, but it's not what you'd expect.

    Years ago, cars were huge. They also had these big decks above the rear seats where most people put spare things... You've most likely seen a veteran or two with hats on display in this area over the years.

    When automotive safety hit the forefront of American life, there were videos of cars crashing in slow motion. To reinforce the fear of loose objects becoming projectiles in a crash and they used to talk about how deadly something as light as a box of tissues could be in the event of an accident. The solution, make it illegal to stow things like tissues behind the front seats.

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    Can't Do Your Own Hair

    Another oddly specific law on the books still in the state has to do with women styling their own hair. Turns out, it is illegal for a woman in the state of Oklahoma to "do" her own hair without being licensed to do so professionally.

    That encompasses dying hair, styling hair, cutting hair, etc... This law is probably a leftover from the emergence of modern hair styling.

    Can you imagine what the early days of hair chemicals were like? All the same, plenty of hair care products are dangerous enough to burn a scalp, which is why it's up to the pros to handle them.

  • 5

    Can't Make Faces At Dogs

    Perhaps the early Oklahomans were pet people. No doubt about it, Americans love their dogs more than any other country in the world, and the laws prove it.

    It's illegal to make faces at a dog in Oklahoma, and it's not just a fine you can catch for doing it. You could face actual prison time for it. You can only imagine why a law like this remains on the books, but the next time you goof around with your puppers, know you're probably breaking the law.

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