If you've ever had the chance to chat with a DJ, odds are you've heard some pretty wild stories. We're like magnets of hilarious chaos.

Case and point - Critter was broadcasting live at a strip club out by Medicine Park once, and in need of a ride home, a drunk patron stole the Z94 van. Critter went live on air and used the power of radio to track down the vehicle, which was recovered at the perp's home without incident.

Eventually, I'm sure we'll run out of stories to tell, but Oklahoma's newest author is preparing to release her book of wild short stories related to her life in radio.

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Tawny Sh'nae is a Southwest Oklahoma native that has spent her life as a paralegal, realtor, local editor, and now a writer and talented storyteller. Her debut book, "Diaries of a Dancer and a DJ," is a hodgepodge of hilarious stories and personal anecdotes from her experiences as a radio station bikini girl and dancer throughout San Antonio strip clubs.


I had a chance to talk to her about her book and what inspired her to write it, and if the excerpts are any indication, you're going to have trouble putting this one down.

What inspired you to write this book?

"Before politics were involved, I read a Chelsea Handler book on the road from Port Aransas to San Antonio, and by the time I got home my face was red, eyes bloodshot from laughing so hard I cried. I'm a huge Bravo (TV channel) buff and enjoy a show called 'Below Deck' that displays just that, behind the scenes, and it interests me to see the machine that makes it work."

What kind of humor can readers expect in your book?

"A very dry, to-the-point true stories that you can't help but laugh at because they're unbelievable. Then you get the behind the scene conversations, which makes it hilarious."

If you had to describe your own writing style, how would you?

"Witty, fun, and comedic journey."

Who is your book written for?

"Anyone with a sense of humor, certainly those of us behind the scenes who can relate."

Can you share one of your stories with us here, before the book hits shelves?

"It was the owner of the club, Zeus, birthday. I no longer worked there as I was a paralegal but still good friends with Zeus and 'The Bar Mafia,' a handful of friends that just went to unwind after work.

Another friend, KJ, was there and thought it would be funny to pinch my right cheek and slither off. It hurt and pissed me off, but when I turned around little 4'6" Zeus was standing there. I pulled back and punched him so hard he went down and his drink covered him. Meanwhile, KJ is hiding around the corner cracking up.

I (messed) up Zeus' bday and got called a (jerk)."

Now that you've finished your first book, what's next?

"There will be a second book on horrible Tinder dates."

Tawny Sh'nae Facebook
Tawny Sh'nae Facebook

Her first book, "Diaries of the Dancer & The DJ," will officially be released August 15. If you'd like a copy, you'll want to follow Tawny Sh'nae on her official Facebook page for all of the details.

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