High school sports--mainly football--have been a contentious topic in the Sooner State for a long time. It's not as big a talking point as it is in Texas, but Oklahoma makes a big deal out of it too.

The rub? Oklahoma continually ranks among the lowest American states for education, graduation, ACT/SAT scores, etc... yet our sports programs thrive for the most part.

Sure, we're not building hundred-million-dollar high school stadiums like school districts in the Dallas metro are, but on that sliding scale, it's all same/same. People overwhelmingly believe that schools should focus less money on organized sports and more money on schooling.


I'll be honest with you, I believed the same thing for the longest time, but like most others, much of that changed during the pandemic when education was met with distance learning. It may have been the best the education system could do, but you can't deny it was a joke that didn't get any better as time went on.

Sports to the rescue.

Skipping beyond the pandemic, more people have come around to see the impact school sports can have on a student.

For some, it's a means to introduce and grow a child's social skills. How to communicate, make new friends, etc... For others, sports is the most important reason a student aims to keep their grades up.

As the NCAA NIL pay-for-play rule made so many headlines this past college football season, sports have become an even more important facet of student life in high schools. Not only across the nation but here at home too.

If your child has serious aspirations to make a go at being an athlete at the highest level of college or even a professional, here are the schools that will likely provide them with the best possible path to achieve those goals.

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