Last Thursday night (10-13-11) the Pittsburgh Penguins Vs. the Washington Capitals on home ice, it was a hell of a hockey game! It's no secret that I'm a big Penguins fan unfortunately they lost the game (2-3) in Overtime but won the fight! Arron Asham (45) of the Pittsburgh Penguins knocked out Jay Beagle (83) of the Washington Capitols.

I love hockey and it's really the only professional team sport I'll watch, everything else bores the hell out of me. You gotta love a team sport that you can beat the s#!t out of someone & get a penalty for it instead of getting ejected from the game if not game(s) or season. Maybe if they allowed fighting in football, baseball, basketball and soccer I'd watch it. There would be a lot less ego and trash talking if a person risked an ass kicking for their actions like they do in hockey.

If you haven't seen the video of this fight yet check it out. This one will be remembered as one of the greatest fights in hockey history! Of course I'd say that...It's the PENNS!

Arron Asham has taken a lot of heat not only for the fight but his showboating afterwards. If anything else it'll further fuel the rivalry between the 2 teams. I Can't wait to see them back on the ice together! The next time these 2 teams meet it'll be a fight and a hockey game might break out. Like it or not fighting is a part of hockey and will remain so. It's what makes a good sport great!

If other sports allowed fighting like hockey what players or teams would you like to see go head to head?