I had someone tell me that in the aftermath flooding of Hurricane Harvey in Houston that they saved lives.  There were no qualifications to be saved.  It did not matter the color of your skin, or where you were from, rich or poor; if you needed help you got help.

This is how one ordinary person chose to help those in his neighborhood.  Joey (He asked me not to identify him) was lucky when the flood waters started rising.  His neighborhood flooding was contained to  the streets, as high as waist deep, but never reached his house.  When Joey was able to venture out, the first thought on his mind was 'How can I help?'.  Joey went to the first store that he found open, Academy Sports.  They were only taking customers with emergencies however, and Joey was there to buy a boat.  When they heard that he was going to buy a boat to help with rescues, they did indeed sell Joey a flat bottom boat.

Here's actual footage of Joey neck deep in water pushing the boat to help rescue trapped residents of a Houston Apartment complex. In all, Joey rescued 31 people, risking his own safety.  Extraordinary people tackling extraordinary times.

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