What have you been doing during the pandemic? Across the nation, DIY projects are way on the list of popularity these days. So are power tool injuries, something like 500% according to hospital records. I know people that haven't left their homes since last March, and others that have chosen 2020 as the year they started traveling the United States. Others put their angst and creativity down on canvas. As bad as this ongoing pandemic has been, it's been a banner year for individual creativity.

The Osage Nation Museum in Pawhuska recently made the decision to reopen their doors to the public because they've got a lot to share with the world. Dozens of Osage Nation artists have spent the last year translating whatever was in their mind to what is now a mass of art on display. As the museum put it:

An exciting glimpse at the creative work that community members have been engaged in since the onset of the pandemic. Share, exchange, and celebrate the enduring strength of our culture and community.

While it would be a great day trip to visit Pawhuska and see the sites there... the Ben Johnson Cowboy Museum, The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond stuff, Tallgrass Prairie where you can see bison roam in the thousands... Don't forget our corner of Oklahoma. There's plenty of art and culture to go around here too. The Comanche National Museum, Museum of the Great Plains, Fort Sill's many museums are now reopened too... All of which are a fantastic way to spend a few hours of free time. The only reason I bring up the Osage Nation Museum so far away in Northern Oklahoma is, the gallery featuring this art is for a very limited time now through February 12th.

Here are the details from the official site.

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