In October 2016, it was announced that Oklahoma State University had been awarded a national championship from the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA). Finally, OSU had their national championship... for football anyway. They actually have 51 national titles earned the old fashioned way, just not in the football category. None the less, they do now. This has a lot of people up in arms.


The problem is, the Associated Press (AP) was the same voting body as they are today, but with more weight behind them. As news didn't travel as fast, sports journalists back then were actual experts in sports. In 1945, the AP voted Army as the national champion ranked above everyone. In fact, the AP voted Oklahoma A&M (OSU) number five behind Indiana, Navy, Alabama, and of course, 1945 National Champion Army.

You can research the schedules and results of contest of their 1945 seasons, but being so far in the past, there's no telling how impressive either teams winnings were.

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