Big 12 football fans, especially those of us in Oklahoma, have been dreading the coming day for two years. On Saturday, the University of Oklahoma Sooners and Oklahoma State University Cowboys will play the last Bedlam Series football game for the foreseeable future.

It is one of the greatest rivalries in college sports dating back to 1904, Bedlam will conclude its 118th game and there's no expectation it will continue after OU grabs that SEC cash next year.

Oklahoma v Oklahoma State
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As you can expect, tickets are somewhat hard to come by this year. Everyone wants to be part of "the last one." The real shocker is that tickets to tonight's World Series Game 5 in Arizona are nearly half as much as the nosebleeds in Stillwater this Saturday.

How much are we talking?

It's a little bit of a rabbit hole, but if dig a little, you'll see.

Over on the official Oklahoma State Cowboys website, they list tickets as officially "Sold Out," but they aren't the only ticket outlet for this game.

SeatGeek is an authorized seller of OSU tickets and they have plenty, but you'll need some deep pockets if you really want to go this year. Cheapest available nosebleed tickets today are right at $450 each.

That's crazy.

If you lived in Arizona today and got the wild hair to go to Game 5 of The World Series tonight, you could squeak into the game for only $250 per person.

Granted, that $250 World Series ticket doesn't come with a seat, but you'd only have to pay $20 more than Bedlam for your own little slice of the nosebleed upper deck.

How is that even possible?

Like every good and service in America, things are only worth what people are willing to pay. Since this could feasibly be THE last time OU and OSU tangle on the football field, fans are willing to pay any price to see it.

Good seats on the 50-yard line are just shy of $2000 each, and they're selling shockingly fast.

Oklahoma v Oklahoma State
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Will it really be the last Bedlam game ever?

While you can never say never, I'm sure both OU and OSU will be unwilling to elect a non-bowl game in the future. Not without massive benefits (money) for both teams.

The stakes are just too high for both teams. While lots of sports pundits like to talk about how Bedlam will end up being one of the non-rated early-season games in the future, plenty of others agree neither team would want to take a loss, especially that early in the season.

OU would probably be pretty open to the idea since they've won 91 of the 117 Bedlam games played, but the Pokes occasionally string together good seasons. A bad beat would be devastating to OU's SEC aspirations.

Odds are Bedlam will eventually return on an "every few years" schedule, but since there's a real chance the Sooners are going to become the new Baylor of the SEC for a few years, the risks are just too great.

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