Deadpool made a ton of money this past weekend. At 84% on Rotten Tomatoes it’s been a success with critics too. It’s already influencing multiple future blockbusters. People love Deadpool. Apparently people love Deadpool so much they want him to host SNL. No, not Ryan Reynolds, he already hosted back in 2009 with musical guest Lady Gaga. Over 20,000 fans and counting want the character himself to host a full episode of SNL.

The petition was created by Andrew Stege, who says of his plan to get Wade Wilson hosting SNL, “How would this not be hilarious having Deadpool in sketches, breaking the 4th wall, and inserting some of his brand of humor?” But wait, there’s more. “Not to mention, depending on the musical guest, how awesome would it be to have some Deadpool interpretive dancing while the musical guest was playing? There’s unlimited possibilities!!!”

Unlimited possibilities Lorne Michaels! Unlimited!

If this were not already readily apparent, Stege admits he hasn’t watched SNL in years, but he remains convinced this would be a successful idea. He’s not alone. The petition currently has 21,929 supporters, many of which are equally as excited. Says “Sergio” in one of the top-rated comments, “If deadpool hosted SNL, it would literally make me wanna go and slap my…the....FACE!” I mean, I assume he’s excited? I don’t know why your default reaction to excitement is to slap your mother, but to each his own.

Unfortunately, as common sense dictates, this is not going to happen. Yes, SNL responded to a fan petition to have Betty White host back in 2010, but a) Betty White is a real person, and b) that petition had over 500,000 supporters when it eventually became successful. (Also, you guys know that Deadpool’s eyes are animated in the film, right? And that his voice was re-recorded in post-production because he’s wearing a mask over his face? And that he’s a fictional character?)

Deadpool was a very enjoyable, very funny movie and we all very much enjoyed Ryan Reynolds’ work in the film. I get it. We’re big fans. But it’s not going to happen. You might want SNL to change, but SNL doesn’t need to have a superhero character, no matter how successful, hosting their show. Now, if you’d like to get Ryan Reynolds to host SNL again, that’s not a bad idea. I would not be surprised at all to see that happen, and if he should show up in a pre-recorded bit (not unlike Adam Driver as Kylo Ren), I would also not be surprised. But —don’t cry in your chimichangas — Deadpool is not hosting SNL.

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