I know that 67% is a huge number and may be a bit hard to swallow, but according to a survey from a few years back, that's the number of us checking email first thing every morning when we wake up!

My morning routine certainly reflects that, does yours? I know that I get up super early, and really don't take too much time on email, just check to see if there is anything urgent before I get up and get my day started.

Sleeping Man Being Woken By Mobile Phone In Bedroom

I think my morning routine changed a few times in my life.  When I was a young parent, the kids were my first priority.  I'd get up, take care of bathroom needs, then check on kids.  Get them up, dressed, fed, and out the door to school and work.

Then came radio.  I still had kids in school, so my Mom came over and got the kids up and out of the house.  Before I had kids and was just a working girl, we really didn't have immediate access to email and zero social media to mention.

I'm just wondering if we are in a better place, or worse!  I know that it drives my family crazy that I check my email on nights, holidays and weekends, but it feels like I'm programmed to do that now.  I really don't know what to do with my hands if it's not holding my tiny computer (smart phone), and either checking the Facebook or Email, or playing Farmland Solitaire.

How about you? Do you fall into that 67% that check email first thing every morning, or are there other pressing things that you have to tend to each morning?  Take our poll and let us know how your day starts.

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