You may have visions of what would happen when the money starts rolling in as a musician, but it might surprise you that Ozzy Osbourne's first purchase after receiving his first royalty check was less than glamorous.

While appearing on SiriusXM's Ozzy's Boneyard with host Billy Morrison (heard below), Osbourne revealed exactly what his first royalty check went toward. "I bought a pair of shoes, a bottle of Brut and I went to the pub," recalls the singer.

For those not familiar, Brut was a cologne launched by Faberge that became popular in '70s and '80s TV ads. The Brut line later expanded to include aftershave, balms and deodorants.

"Brut's like a cheap fucking cologne and aftershave," says Osbourne. "But it was better than what I was smelling [like] at the time. But mind you, armpits and fucking Brut smells fucking great."

Obviously things picked up quite a bit from there as Black Sabbath issued five studio albums in the first four years of their career, putting themselves on the map musically and becoming a major player in the heavy music scene. But the extravagance of living like a rock star didn't happen overnight for Osbourne.

These days Osbourne is keeping busy with solo music, having released his Ordinary Man album earlier this year and already starting work on the follow-up with producer Andrew Watt during the pandemic downtime. That said, Osbourne is anxious to play shows again, issuing a plea to his fans to take coronavirus seriously.

“I'm looking forward to getting back on the fucking stage," says Osbourne. "[Let's] get this coronavirus under control. We can do some fucking gigs, please. If you're listening to this show, please, don't be dumb school and go to one of them stupid Covid fucking parties. That's for fucking fools because it is real, it isn’t a conspiracy and it will kill your ass.”

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