Pabst Blue Ribbon moved into their new headquarters in San Antonio about two months ago. They have big plans for downtown that sound really cool.

So PBR is currently working with the city of San Antonio to open a 1.5-acre culture park downtown. I'll be honest, had no idea what a culture park was until today. It is a definable area which is distinguished by historic resources and land related to such resources and which constitutes an interpretive, educational, and recreational resource for the public at large.

So what does PBR have planned? An art gallery, speakeasy-style bar, BMX bike track, indoor skate park and retail shop, Pabst President and CEO Matt Bruhn told the San Antonio Report. Future plans include a rooftop movie theater and concert venue. Yeah, that sounds like a fun place to be on the weekend.

Bruhn also said he's put project on a quick timeline: three months of planning and three months of building. If the development sticks to that timetable, it would be ready next spring. So if you're planning a trip to San Antonio next year, you may want to check this out because it sounds like a really cool idea. The development will go into an existing warehouse at the corner of Avenue B and 6th Street in downtown San Antonio.

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