Paramore are speaking out after learning of a troubling incident that occurred at one of their shows this week in Salt Lake City. According to the group, there was a man in the crowd at the show who allegedly both physically and verbally assaulted multiple women in the audience, and they've let it be known that this is not something that they condone.

The group has one of the more supportive fanbases in rock music, and they in turn are showing that support right back, issuing a public statement about the incident just to let fans know where they stand and to discourage any further such behavior happening.

The band wrote, as viewed below:

After last night's show in SLC, we were made aware of an incident that happened in the crowd while we were onstage. A man physically and verbally assaulted multiple women, including an engaged couple at our show. Our security team and venue staff were made aware and were able to restrain and remove him.

We did not realize this was happening, as the incident took place out of view from stage. Had we seen any of this happening, we would have stopped the show until the situation was under control.

PARAMORE DOES NOT CONDONE violence, homophobia, or bigotry of any kind. It is suprememly unwelcome in our community and has no place at our shows.

To the fans who were hurt by or who witnessed what happened last night, we are so sorry. We hope that you know we will always do anything we can to protect you and make you feel celebrated.

To make things as clear as possible: Paramore shows are meant to be a safe place for people. If you can't respect that, do not come.

Paramore recently returned to the road for their first show in four years. The band is promoting their forthcoming 2023 album This Is Why, which features the newly released title track. You can catch the band currently out on tour with tickets available for shows right here.

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