For years, Larry Cotton has been behind the push to establish a volunteer fire department in Pecan Creek. And as 2017 becomes a reality, so has the Volunteer Fire Department in Pecan Creek. They have assembled the equipment: trucks, hoses, bunker gear, hoses and other firefighters gear are all present and accounted for. A site has even been selected for the firehouse. There is only one thing missing: a building for the department to call home.

Cotton continues to spearhead the efforts to establish the volunteer fire department, at this point trying to collect the needed contributions to complete the building at a site on the east side of Deyo Mission Road, just south of the railroad tracks. The location has been donated to the department by a local resident for the purpose of construction of a fire station and department headquarters. According to Cotton, approximately $50,000 is needed to construct a properly insulated fire station at the site, with room for all of the equipment, which is currently being stored at his home.

The department's current vehicle roster includes three pump trucks, two of which are currently operational, and a brush truck. The department is actively seeking grants to purchase communications equipment for the station and headquarters. Pecan Creek is working with the Cache Volunteer Fire Department, which currently handles calls in the area, to properly train members and secure other needed equipment.

Urban Fire Station House
photo courtesy of ThinkStock/Getty Images/iStockphoto

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