So, if I can nerd out a little bit, here goes... I'm a fan of magicians. I don't do magic myself, but it's fun to watch during the Summer when nothing else is on. Penn & Teller are probably the best magicians in the world. Well, if not the best, certainly the coolest. They have a show on the tube where other magicians try to trick them, and 90% of the time, they already know the trick. It's more entertaining than Big Bang and Seinfeld reruns, so I watch it. But they've recently done the unthinkable and become contestants on their own show.

So they invited the worlds most successful magician, David Copperfield, to be their judge. They do their trick, and what happens happens. I just can't understand why. Was it a ratings thing? Are they truly bored with doing the show and just looking for a change? I mean, they always end the show with one of their acts, but still, it's a weird thing to see.

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