For years, Jim Lindberg has been the powerful voice with an often poignant viewpoint while fronting Pennywise. While the band's music has often been more forceful, he's stripping things back a bit while keeping that same passion on his solo acoustic debut album Songs From the Elkhorn Trail, giving fans another taste of new music with the uplifting song "You're Not Alone."

"It’s about all the people who are for one reason or another, forced to be lonely in the world, the castaways, the unloved, the unwanted,” says Lindberg of the track. “There comes a point for a lot of people when you’re existing in an untenable situation where you just have to say, ‘This isn’t an acceptable way for me to live anymore.’ When this happens, there isn’t a need for a lot of fanfare. You just ‘get your stuff and you walk out.’ The moment where you make the decision to leave, it can be sad and painful but also extremely liberating to finally get your freedom. When you’ve taken that last insult or soul damaging put-down, it can be very satisfying to just ‘smile and wave as you walk past.’ You may be lonely for a while, but the song is about reminding you that there are always millions of other people in your situation - You're Not Alone - and your bond and friendship with them is that you've escaped. You’re never alone in feeling alone. You’ve got friends everywhere.”

Get a closer look at the lyrics and listen to the song below:

Jim Lindberg, "You're Not Alone" Lyrics

When you lost hope but you’re still hoping for
Some way to make an escape to believe
You’ve been let down You’ve been tossed out
You just get your stuff and you walk out
When you don’t belong some kind of refugee
Some thrown out piece of trash
You’ve been held down You’ve been locked out
Gotta lose that weight keeping you down
All you know is suffering
Your whole life’s full of misery

You’re not alone
You got more friends than you will ever know

When you can’t wait- but you’re still waiting for
Somewhere to get some air you can breathe
You feel washed out – you can’t make it
You just find your road and ya take it
When it’s too late to apologize
You gotta know whose side you’re on
Cause it’s too late and it won’t last
You just smile and wave as you walk past

So who do you wanna be?
You’re the only one who can set you free
When you set out on your own?
Don’t you know you’re never really alone!

Jim Lindberg, "You're Not Alone"

As stated, "You're Not Alone" comes from Lindberg's new solo effort, Songs From the Elkhorn Trail, which is due digitally Nov. 19, while physical releases will follow from Epitaph on May 6 of next year.

The album as a whole offers a more introspective outlook from the typically outspoken vocalist. The record serves as a reflection on life and the sometimes fleeting nature of relationships with others. Some of the material has been 25 years in the making, with Lindberg revealing that his father who passed away from Alzheimer's Disease in 2018 had a big impact on the inspiration for the record.

Songs From the Elkhorn Trail includes guest appearances by Social Distortion's David Hidalgo Jr. on drums, Mighty Mighty Bosstones' Joe Gittleman on bass and The Dropkick Murphys' Marc Orrell on guitar. Having recently released "The Palm of Your Hand," "You're Not Alone" is the second fresh offering for the upcoming effort.

The album also features cover art done by South Bay punk artist and musician Bob Dob, showcasing Lindberg writing material at his father's Palm Desert rental house near the Elkhorn Trail. “It’s a supreme honor that Bob agreed to do the artwork for the album and collaborate with me on it. He’s one of my favorite artists of all time," says Lindberg. Check out the artwork and track listing below and get your pre-orders in for Jim Lindberg's Songs From the Elkhorn Trail at this location.

Jim Lindberg, Songs From the Elkhorn Trail Artwork + Track Listing


1. The Palm of Your Hand
2. I Feel Like the Sun
3. You're Not Alone
4. Hello Again
5. Don't Lay Me Down
6. Not One of Them
7. Blood On Your Hands
8. Good Enough
9. It's Only
10. The Basement
11. On Fire
12. Long Way To Go

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