These days people are live streaming just about every event. Funerals might be next.

There is a crematorium in the UK that believes they should. They feel that it is important for people to have a chance to mourn the deceased even if they can’t make it to the funeral. Counselor Jeff Sumner, a spokesman  from the crematorium, made assurances that this would not leave all funerals open to the public. Only those family and friends with a password would be able to see it. “We’ve got Cousin Sal’s funeral and the first season of Downton Abbey coming on Netflix streaming.”

The funeral home is spending about $39,000 to implement the necessary technology, but they are convinced it is money well-spent. “With the video technology, people will be able to register to view a stream of the service from any computer,” said Sumner.

They are also going to implement that GlamCam 360 that E! uses for Red Carpet events. “Did you see what Aunt Louise wore to the funeral?!? She looks amazing. She won’t be a widow for long.”


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