Baltimore’s Pinkshift might be new to the game, but they are not playing around. Don’t believe us? Just check out the new video for their undeniably catchy second (like, ever) single “i’m gonna tell my therapist on you,” which Loudwire is please to bring you first.

The video for the new track, which was filmed by the band themselves in the era of social distancing on a hodgepodge of AV equipment, is a quirky and authentic look into the life of a DIY act who is doing whatever it takes to make a music video happen in a pandemic. At one point they're even interrupted by a concerned neighbor, but we'll get to that later.

“Honestly, when we wrote the song, we knew that we wanted a really hype video to go along with it," says guitarist Paul Vallejo. "We didn’t expect to make it during quarantine, but hey, we had a GoPro, an iPhone and a 2006 camcorder and that’s all we needed to have a little fun!”

And while both the song and video are a lot of fun, vocalist Ashrita Kumar told All Punked Up that the song is about being tossed between specialists and feeling unheard while existing in the healthcare system.

"I wanted to be able to reclaim that feeling of 'looking cr*zy' and make it something powerful that I hope others can relate to," she shares with Loudwire. "In the video, I really tried to let go of the necessity to be 'composed.' I think it's important to show that humans are something other than the straight faces, smolders and smiles that we make them out to be."

The video for “i’m gonna tell my therapist on you” was filmed in a variety of locations, including a car, a bathtub, a college campus and a friend's rowhouse in Baltimore. It was at said house that you can see a concerned neighbor interrupt the video shoot about a minute into the clip.

Pinkshift's drummer was going particularly hard for the video when all of a sudden in the middle of the song their friend's neighbor came outside and started screaming.

"She's such a sweet old Italian lady, and we felt so bad," says Kumar. "She just didn't know what the sound was, and it shook the house so she was surprised to say the least. We definitely didn't realize how loud it was."

After the neighbor requested they stop, the band obliged and moved the drumming portion of the video outside on their college campus with a beautiful transition for the second half of the song.

The band — Kumar (vocals), Vallejo (guitar), Myron Houngbedji (drums) and Erich Weinroth (bass) —are just getting their start, but say they embrace their diverse cultural and musical backgrounds and find common ground in a love for angsty rock.

They formed in 2018 and spent their first year making the rounds through the Baltimore and D.C. DIY scenes. The pandemic has put a pause on their ability to get exposure through touring, but you can get a taste of their live energy (and there is plenty)  by watching "i'm gonna tell my therapist on you" below.

If you like what you hear you can support Pinkshift on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and BandCamp.

"i'm gonna tell my therapist on you" Lyrics
[Verse 1] ohmygod why are you sad again
take a dose of something to forget
walk a mile in my shoes
if you don’t come back
at least i’ve got nothing to lose

[Chorus] hello can i help you
I don’t think i’ve ever seen you before
and if you think that i should listen to you
I’m about to kick your ass through the door

[Verse 2] carry me further in regret
I tried to leave but regret’s got quite a death grip
the meds aren’t working for me anymore
my head is spiraling, i’m spiraling downwards

[Chorus] (2x)
[Verse 2]

Pinkshift, "i'm gonna tell my therapist on you"

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