Playstation on Campus, an organization from Sony Platstation tours college campuses around the country. The group came to Cameron University on Feb. 20, as part of their nationwide tour.

Brandon Smith, tour manager for Playstation on Campus brought the event to Cameron when he discovered that there were plenty of Playstation fans at the university.

“We’re showing off new games such as’ God of War: Ascension’ before its out as well as ‘MLB 13: The Show’ and ‘Dead or Alive’ on the Vita,” Smith said.

Some of the other titles Playstation on Campus featured were Playstation: All Stars Battle Royale and two newly released titles, ‘Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time’ which was released on Feb 5. and ‘Metal Gear Rising: Revengence’ which released only two days ago.

Smith states that this program allows students a chance to preview new titles and have fun with the newest titles before they’re released.

“We understand that students on the most part are broke, you’re not making any money going to class,” Smith said. “We figured let’s give these guys something to do, let’s give them something to play and have fun.” God of War

‘God of War: Ascension’ is slated for a March 12 release. The game will serve as a prequel to the story of Kratos taking place six months after the death of his wife and daughter.

According to Joystiq, players will be introduced to a more human Kratos. The game’s website, also advertises showing more of that side of him but will still feature the anger he is most famous for.

The game keeps its familiar third-person perspective combat style as well as its fixed camera angles. It also features a new ‘Life Cycle’ function which will allow Kratos to manipulate time on objects to complete objectives and reach places he can’t get to through normal means.

Ascension will also be the first in the franchise to feature multiplayer. The website shows a few different modes the game will offer as well as the challenges players will face during battle.

Players will control a Champion and will pick which God they will fight for. Each God has their own unique abilities and fighting styles to offer.

The most recent release in the Playstation lineup that was featured is ‘Metal Gear Rising: Revengence.’ The franchise is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary and the newest game in the franchise is different than its predecessors. Metal Gear Rising

The game takes place four years after the events of ‘Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots’. Raiden has joined with Private Military Company Maverick Enterprises in order to support his family. Although it is not part of the Metal Gear Solid series the game is still considered canon and is its own story.

In terms of gameplay it’s very different than the stealth gameplay fans of the franchise are familiar to. The game serves more of an action hack and slash with stealth elements still visible but very watered down. Players can still sneak up on enemies and flank them but the basic stealth elements such as hugging up on walls, crouching and crawling are gone.

The featured mode ‘Blade Mode’ may take some getting used to for players. The mode allows Raiden to make more precise attacks on enemies. Players control both analog sticks while in ‘Blade Mode’: one to control the camera and the other to control the direction of the blade.

Despite the many changes to this entry of the series it does a good job of serving as a standalone game and showing that this is a new character with a new style of combat.

Playstation on Campus will be at Cameron University until 3p.m., today.