With a dash of help from the infamous John Would, Pony Boy is poised to follow in the footsteps of icons such as Fiona Apple and Warren Zevon.

Despite her young age, Marchelle Bradanini has been praised the world over for her sultry songwriting and timeless sound. Having led Koreatown's Bedtime for Toys, a notorious, politically charged dance band in the L.A. area, Marchelle is no stranger to the stage.

"'Greatest Unknown' was recorded in one take in the shadow of a McDonald's near Alvarado St. in Echo Park," Marchelle explained. "John [Would] and I were listening to a lot of Helen Merrill at the time, and I really gravitated to the incredibly intimate nature of her vocals. Much like Billie Holiday, Karen Dalton or Bobby Gentry recordings. It's just about connection. 'The Greatest Unknown' was written about one of my best friends I used to play music with. It's a bittersweet memory of a fleeting moment in our lives."

Pony Boy captures that fleeting moment on 'Not In This Town,' due out July 31. Stay up to date here.

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