Power Trip have established themselves as the newest force in thrash and new age kings of inciting circle pits. Rhythm guitarist Nick Stewart is one of the men behind the devastating riffs, which are conjured on Gibson, a guitar with as much history as metal's friendly physicality.

Before Power Trip's headlining performance at the Loudwire X CLRVYNT showcase at the Sunset Room in Austin, Texas, Stewart stopped by to discuss his favorite Gibson moment. He recalled one of his earliest inspirations, watching Metallica's James Hetfield on the Live S--t: Binge & Purge concert film.

"Seeing him play an all white-on-white Explorer, I feel like it brought that attitude in the guitar I always wanted." Stewart continued, recalling he has always wanted a Gibson guitar "going back to Led Zeppelin or something like that — Jimmy Page." Returning to the Metallica video release, he stated, "Watching that was probably the moment when I realized I wanted to play a Gibson Explorer for sure."

Stewart was then presented with the Gibson Les Paul positioned against the center of the table, taken completely by surprise. He then shared a Les Paul memory, reflecting on buying a cheap Epiphone Les Paul as his first guitar. "I always played a Les Paul body for a long time until I could kind of afford to get an Explorer," he added. "So it's pretty sick, this is really cool I don't know what to say. That's amazing!"

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