This is probably not what they mean by "juggling a full courseload."

Dr. Sidney Engelberg, a professor of organizational behavior at Israel's Hebrew University, has become an internet star after this photo of him holding a student's baby -- while continuing to lecture -- went viral.

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Posted by Sarit Fishbaine on Sunday, May 10, 2015

Engelberg, 67, has five grandchildren, so he knows a thing or two about little kids. He allows students to bring their kids to class and when this one began to cry, he simply picked the child up in his arms and kept on with his lesson as if that's as normal as an English professor wearing a blazer with elbow patches.

Engelberg's wife tells Yahoo! Parenting that her hubby is rolling with the internet glory he has gotten.

He’s gotten love letters. He’s pretty blasé about it, and we just find it all very funny."

While they may find it funny, his act has connected with legions of people who are impressed with his act of humanity.

What do you think? Are you as wowed by Engleberg as everyone else or is this much ado about nothing? And how do you think people in America would react if a teacher held a child in class?

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