The announcement of the Rage Against the Machine reunion also spelled the end for Prophets of Rage. Vocalists Chuck D. and B-Real have expressed their gratitude for the time the band was active and the support they received from around the world.

Chuck D., also of Public Enemy fame, shared a message on Twitter, expressing that participating in the band was about more than just making music. "It was about doing something greater than self," he wrote, adding, "2020 keeping [Zack de la Rocha’s] spot warm for RATM & powering a statement for 1,000 days was a honorable truth mission in the hours of chaos from the jump… And so the bands rock on…. Let’s go."

Co-vocalist B-Real, who also fronts hip-hop group Cypress Hill, had nothing but positive things to say about his time spent in Prophets of Rage and the good the band tried to do over the last three years. "I want to say thank you to the fans that supported Prophets of Rage for the time we’ve been rocking together," he said on Instagram.

"It’s been an honor to rock stages and people of all ages with these guys. It’s been a great time and great memories in a short time. Rockin along side of Chuck and Tom [Morello] has been amazing to say the least," B-Real continued. "It was fun while it lasted and I hope we left a big impression and that the music has been a source of inspiration for those that needed it. That was the purpose we got together. So I say to y’all stay informed, stay engaged and fight the good fight."

The group began cryptically teasing their arrival in 2016, which was a Presidential election year, and united three members of Rage Against the Machine (Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk) alongside Chuck D., B-Real and Public Enemy's DJ Lord. Their sets included songs from each member's iconic bands and new material.

Together, they released The Party's Over EP in 2016, following it up with a self-titled full length the next year. Three more singles, "Heart Afire," "Made With Hate" and "Pop Goes the Weapon" came afterward, though no second album fully materialized.

It is not known if Rage Against the Machine intend on releasing new music to coincide with their return in 2020, which is another Presidential election year.

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