Never underestimate a punk rock drummer. Their preferred genre may not always call for the most technical playing, but behind the simplicity often lies a mastery of the kit.

When Marky Ramone was the longest-serving drummer for the Ramones, he rarely played more than a fast 4/4 beat. However, Ramone is highly skilled in jazz and rock n roll drumming, as he’s showcased in solo performances across the globe. In one demonstration, Marky even threw down one of his sticks without missing a beat as he wailed on his toms.

Travis Barker’s drumming is universally respected with fans of all genres — a rare achievement for a pop-punk and punk rock drummer. Before he was recruited for Blink-182, the pop punk band mostly utilized galloping d-beats in their music, but when Barker arrived for Enema of the State, he brought a new focus and technical prowess to the band. After becoming one of the most famous drummers in the world, Barker expanded upon his horizons again with the Transplants, MGK, Suicideboys and many others.

How about the Clash’s secret weapon? Topper Headon was the punk band’s human metronome, but beyond the Clash, Headon further showcased his skills in a classic big band style. Just listen to his 1985 solo cut “Drumming Man” to get transported back into the early 1900s.

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