Is new music from Puscifer on the way? It appears that could be the case. The other band from Tool singer Maynard James Keenan started teasing something last week, along with clues hinting that it would arrive soon.

By way of the group's official Instagram account, two animated images accompanied by short snippets of music emerged over the last several days. And the accompanying captions have fans wondering if a new Puscifer album will arrive sooner than a previously anticipated 2021 release date.

The teasing began April 22 when Puscifer shared a sound-enhanced GIF hinting at something fresh. "Doin Stuff," read the image's caption. "More details to follow this weekend." Tagged in the post were Puscifer's Carina Round and Mat Mitchell, along with hashtags indicating a drop for this year.

Indeed, the weekend did bring more. On April 25, a separate clip emerged with another portion of the audio. This time around, a spinning display of what appeared to be a Puscifer album cover accompanied the music. "Round 2 of the Teasing," the caption said. A hashtag specified something coming "soon."

Is the most recent visual brandishing what could be the cover art for Puscfier's upcoming fourth album? If so, the collection would be the follow-up to 2015's Money Shot, the act's most recent studio release. A remix companion called Money Shot Your Re-Load was issued the following year.

Perhaps the postponement of Tool's touring plans has pushed the Puscifer album timeline up a bit. In the face of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, nearly all live concerts for the immediate future were either canceled or pushed back. With Keenan's spring suddenly free, that could mean more time for Puscifer.

Last year, the musician had indicated a probable 2021 release for the next Puscifer album. In a photo from October 2019, Keenan was shown recording vocals for the band in between tour dates with Tool.

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