I had the opportunity to skip out of work a little early yesterday, and it was such a nice day I decided that tossing something on the grill was in store for dinner. While I'm a trite and true charcoal man personally, I get tired of messing around with the coals, especially if I'm not cooking a ton of food. It's a big charcoal grill, so I decided I'd hot swap an empty propane tank over at Walmart since I had an abundance of spare time I'd normally be using to watch YouTube while putting in my time.

If you've been to the Quannah Parker Walmart over the last day or two, you may or may not have noticed the complex of contractor trailers that are amassing on the Southern end of the parking lot, by the garden center. While I was waiting for the kid with the key to the propane storage to come along and swap my old rusty bottle for a new one, I asked a super nice dude what kind of project was going on. He said it was the beginning of the store remodel announced earlier this year moving towards an eventual all-self-checkout system in the store.

Was it February when we first broke that news to Lawton? Or was it March? Regardless, as you'd expect, the elimination of staffed checkout lines was not a popular announcement by the retail giant. I know my grandma absolutely hates self-checkout, but only because it seems confusing. If you'd spent ninety years watching someone ring up your groceries and now they tell you to do it yourself, you might feel a little intimidated and angry about it too.

Here's the silver lining... While Walmart will eventually complete their move to a 100% self-checkout system in the future, for now, your Quannah Parker store is expanding the self-checkout bullpens at each entrance and shrinking the amount of staffed checkout lanes in between. This means that the lines in the self-checkout should shrink, and odds are the same amount of staffed lanes will remain open since Walmart doesn't staff many of them anyway outside the holiday season. If you prefer to have a stranger touch your groceries and bag them up for you, you'll still have that option... for a while. Eventually, I'd imagine in three to five years, when the next round of contracted remodeling happens, you can kiss those checker lanes goodbye.

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