Some call them farts, others call them toots, my cousin calls it the butt trumpet, but I think we can all agree, everyone passes gas on the regular. It's considered taboo, and I'll back the sense that it's not cool to do in company, but you can anonymously admit, everyone tries to fart good in the privacy of their own domain. Whether that's the car, the home, your favorite chair, the restroom, etc... That being said, this guy takes it to eleven.

He's so impressed with his natural ability that he composes a piece of music around it, and it doesn't sound bad at all. I'm sure you let out a tiny laugh when that squeaker hit your speakers, it's OK to admit it. We all do it, but this guy takes it further than any of us would. Granted, it's not a specific quarantine thing, but since we're all social distancing for the time being, challenge yourself to be better at making booty music.

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