Might as well call it quits while you’re still on top, right? That’s what Quentin Tarantino is thinking. The 53-year-old filmmaker has eight films under his belt and only plans to make two more. After that, he says he’s retiring.

While speaking at the Adobe Max Conference in San Diego on Thursday, Tarantino said he plans to only make 10 feature films. “Drop the mic. Boom. Tell everybody, ‘Match that sh-t!’” he told the audience, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Cool bro, but why?

It’s one thing for a filmmaker to announce retirement right then and there, after they’ve already made their last film. But to plan for it in advance and make a pledge to only release a couple more films? You might think he’s run out of ideas (but this is Tarantino we’re talking about, a never-ending fountain of movie inspiration). Maybe he’s sick of the studio business and wants the freedom to curl up on a couch, drink a Sunday morning coffee on his terrace and just be normal. But nope, it sounds like Tarantino wants to stop making movies to protect his legacy.

He added during his onstage discussion with Ann Lewnes, CMO of Adobe, that he wants to end on a bang. “Hopefully, the way I define success when I finish my career is that I’m considered one of the greatest filmmakers that ever lived,” he said. He won’t disappear from the spotlight entirely, though. “And going further,” he added, “a great artist, not just filmmaker.” Sounds like a classic Jay Z move – retire, just kidding I’m back making other art, retire, just kidding back again! “Retirement” seems to mean very little in the entertainment world.

It’s a move I’m personally pretty critical of, mainly because that announcement from an artist, be it a filmmaker, musician, or whoever, often feels like a cry for attention, a plea for their work to be regarded with more acclaim than ever for the sole sake of it being “the last.” Tarantino’s 10th film is now going to have much bigger expectations set upon it, and likely be followed by an even more celebratory reaction just for supposedly marking the finality of his moviemaking career. That’s fine; but why not just do it and tell us later? And as I said above, I don’t trust retirement annoncements. Remember when Frank Ocean said he was retiring from music then came back with one of the best follow-up albums imaginable? I have a feeling in years to come, we’ll get an 11th movie from Tarantino, a “comeback” celebrated even more so because of the gap in his career.

But for now, we can expect Tarantino to keep busy with other movie-related projects. Before he works on his ninth movie, which may be a 1930s gangster film or a horror movie, the Hateful Eight filmmaker will work on a project about 1970s cinema. He’s said it could end up being a podcast, a book, or even a documentary, which could point to the direction he’ll take his career post-retirement. For now, we can spend the time being ranking the best Tarantino movies.

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