Rage Against the Machine makes another large donation to a charitable cause, this time to a number of Indigenous Peoples charities in Canada. They announced the donation on Twitter yesterday (July 21.)

“Charity tickets purchased by our fans at Tuesday’s Hamilton, Ontario show raised $75,000,” the band tweeted. “These funds will be distributed by WhyHunger and Polaris Institute to support the Roots of Justice and Indigenous Climate Action organizations in Hamilton.” According to their respective websites, Roots of Justice holds anti-racism workshops and other training for people of all colors, while Indigenous Climate Action focuses on “uplifting Indigenous voices, sovereignty, and stewardship of the lands and waters for future generations.”

This is the second sizable donation Rage Against the Machine has made in a month. On June 24 the band donated $475,000 to reproductive rights organizations in the wake of the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe V. Wade. In both these instances they used tickets sales from to their shows to fuel donations.

RATM has been front and center of the music community since returning to live touring last month. Their first show in 11 years garnered press for it's fierce messaging and powerful performance. Then vocalist Zack de la Rocha broke his leg, continuing to perform while seated. All the while, fans of Rage were continuing to discover their "wokeness." (Seriously, where TF have you been, dude?) Also, guitarist Tom Morello was recently the target of All That Remains singer Phil Labonte's ire over imagined rampant profits of non-ethically sourced Wah pedals. (Totally unproven, BTW.)

RATM continue their "Public Service Announcement" tour with Run The Jewels in Toronto tonight, and then start an Upper Midwest leg in the U.S. on July 25 in Buffalo, NY.

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