Do you remember what you were doing two decades ago back in November of 1992? That’s when Rage Against the Machine released their self-titled debut disc that kicked off their legendary career, which is still going strong.

Internet sleuths uncovered a new Rage Against the Machine themed Tumblr page a few weeks ago, and now the intent of the page has come into focus. Aiming to rally the troops, the site encourages fans to participate in honoring the disc’s anniversary. “Send your concert photos, video, stories, news clippings, posters, flyers, reviews – any memorabilia,” the site instructs. “Anything you have related to RATM from 1992, we’ll post here. It’s the albums 20th Anniversary.” There’s a “submit your memory here” button at the top of the page, making it easy for fans to join in with their personal contributions, and nothing is off limits.

So far the fan submissions run the gamut from photos of Rage Against the Machine tattoos, ticket stubs, t-shirt collections to perhaps the youngest Rage fan on record sporting a RATM onsie and even personal letters expressing the importance the band has played in the lives of some of their fans around the globe, here’s an excerpt from one:

“In 1992, I lived in Belgrade, what used to be known as Yugoslavia. The times were rough, there was a war waging not too far, and terrible economy and waves of refugees painted the every day in my neighborhood. There were a lot of political tensions too, and a lot of my colleagues and friends had trouble with the law because of expressing their own mind.

One evening I was at a party, and someone produced a cassette, it was an imported one, and put it in a player. At that very moment, I was more interested in the paper sleeve (that came with all the lyrics, and it looked really cool), than in music that was blasting from the speakers. But that didn’t last for too long, because when “Bullet in the Head” started to play, I was stunned! Wow, these guys must be flies on the wall around here, because everything they sing about, we’ve gone through! That epiphany is what makes me adore RATM all this time.

The site is just getting underway so visit it to share in the memories or submit one of your own. Congrats to RATM on 20 years since their first album and here’s to 20 more!


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