Ozzfest was a revelation when it debuted in 1996. What began as Sharon Osbourne’s revenge plot against Lollapalooza for rejecting her husband morphed into a massive annual roadshow, spawning countless circle pits, protests and riots across its 20-plus-year history. Ozzfest was a breeding ground for fresh talent, giving several metal superstars their break while also hosting historic performances from the genre’s titans.

While every Ozzfest had something to love, not every lineup was created equal. We’ve ranked every U.S. Ozzfest lineup from worst to best, so you can take a trip down memory lane or weep over missed opportunities.

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Note: Marilyn Manson appeared on several Ozzfest lineups, some of which are ranked highly on this list. While his inclusion may have improved those lineups at the time, no mention of Manson in the context of this list is meant to overshadow or trivialize the myriad abuse allegations levied against him.

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